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        Zhejiang Realsun Chemical Co., Ltd. is a reliable and experienced manufacturer of pharmaceutical and chemical products. Committed to strengthen sustainable usage of energe and ongoing improvements for health, safety and environment. Our headquarter and main plant is located in green pharmaceutical park in Linhai,Zhejiang. Realsun Chemical is mainly engaged in production, trade, custom manufacturing, research and development with 3 modern plants.Technologcal innovation is the inexhaustible driving force of our....
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Technical Core Competence
  • The safety industrial technology of using sodium in catalysis and synthesis
  • Chemical synthesis and industrial application of organolithium
  • Reactions at ultralow temperature, non-water/oxidizing conditions
  • Chemical synthesis of acetylene and acetylene in carbonylation
  • The industrial production of Cl chemicals and derivatives
  • Cyanidation & hydrogenation
  • Coupling engineering of Continuous ester hydrogenation and dehydrogenation
  • Continuous ester ammoniation reaction engineering
  • Clean production engineering and comprehensive utilization of by-product, circulation
Realsun Chemical
No.9 Donghai Third Avenue, Toumengang New District, Linhai.317016 China
Tel:+86-576-88312588 +86-576-88312598
Fax:+86-576-85589838 +86-576-88312589
E-mail:[email protected]
Realsun Pharma
Add:Tashan Sanlu, Tashan industrial park, Leping, Jiangxi, China
Tel:+86-798-6702563, 6702895
European office
Add:lltisweg18,50354 Hurth,Germany
Tel:+49 1727527737
E-mail:[email protected]
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